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What is Sump Pump failure?

Sump Pump Failure 

A sump pump is an electrical device installed in the basements of houses or buildings to pump out water accumulated in the basement.The main function of a sump pump is to prevent the basement from flooding and to keep the area dry by pumping the water outside the building or house. Based on the structure of the building, the water can be pumped out through a pipe into storm sewers or to the yard. Sump pump failure results in an accumulation of melted snow or rain water in the basement leading to flooding as they do not get pumped out properly.This accumulation of water in the basement causes water damage in your home or building resulting in further damage like mould growth.

Common Causes for Sump Pump Failure: 

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Excess wear and tear of the primary pump which can cause sump pump motor burn out

Presence of clogged pipes due to the accumulation of mud or debris

Presence of clogged switches that gets stuck in the ‘ON’ position which could prevent the pump from functioning properly

Broken drive shafts or impeller can result in sump pump failure

How to Avoid Sump Pump Failure:

Water damage caused by sump pump failure can be avoided through proper maintenance. Regular checks and fixes can prevent any future sump pump failure which can cause a lot of damage.
  • Keep Sump Pit Free from Debris
A sump pit is a hole drilled in the basement into which the sump pump is installed. The pit must be cleaned on a regular basis in order to prevent any possible build up which could prevent the sump pump from performing properly. You can test the proper functioning of the pump by filling the pit with water and make sure it starts and stops correctly as designed.
  • Keep the Impeller Clean
The impeller is a small filter in the sump pump, which is connected to the pump with bolts. This filter and bolts must be cleaned on a regular basis for the pump to function properly. Failing to do so may result in sump pump failure followed by flooding in the basement.
  • Back-Up Power Source
Sump pumps cannot perform without a power source so they will not function during a power outage. Power outages are quite common during heavy storms. It is during this storm and rain that you need a sump pump the most. Installing a back-up power system will take over the sump pump during power outages, there by preventing water from flooding in the basement.

Once installed and maintained properly, sump pumps free you from potential water damage caused by basement flooding. Regardless of whether water intrusion is caused by sewer backup, basement flooding or any other reason, a well maintained sump pump can easily pump out the water and protect your home or office from water damage. If you experience sump pump failure or want an experienced professional to check if your sump pump is maintained properly, 

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