Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Water Line Issues and Solutions

Plumbing issues can pop in at any time of the day or night. Catastrophic plumbing issues never happen all of a sudden. Every major plumbing problem starts off with some or other warning sign. As you fail to read those warnings, things go out of your control, panicking on which will be of no use. Here are the two most common water line issues or rather basic warning signs of major plumbing issues that you may come across in your house.

Low Water Pressure

Do you feel the water coming out from the pipes doesn’t flow as fast as it used to? Low water pressure is never a minor issue to be ignored. These are just warning signs of major issues, for which immediate action is a must before it turns into a nightmare. Though low water pressure can be an issue at the main water supply, sedimentation or corrosion in the plumbing system can also be the reasons. After 16-20 years services in the plumbing system, 70% of the pipes will begin to lose its flow capacity due to sediments and corrosion build-up, resulting in low pressure water from the faucets.

Why is it a concern?
Ø  Low water pressure resulting from pipe corrosion can cause heavy metal percolation into the drinking water supply of your house. In short, they not only clog the aerators but also get consumed by people who drink water coming out of the corroded pipe.
Ø  As you leave the corrosion untreated, the thinning pipe walls eventually lead to pinhole leaks which eventually leads to flooding followed by costly structural damages.
How to fix this issue?
The first step in fixing the low water pressure issue is to find out the reason behind it.
Ø  Replacing Pressure Regulators
A malfunctioning pressure regulator in the plumbing system of your house can cause low water pressure in all or some water fixtures of your house. If you can tackle on your own, get a new pressure regulator and replace the existing ones. On the other hand, if you are unaware of doing it, better get it done by any plumbing professional instead of worsening the situation.
Ø  Repairing Leaks If Any
Damages in the pipe system can also be a reason for low water pressure as not all the water flowing in is making its way to the faucets. As some amount of water moves out through the cracked pipe, you need to trace the damaged area and fix the minor damages using duct tape or pipe clamp and major leaks by replacing the damaged part completely.
Ø  Removing Mineral Deposit Build-ups
As mineral deposit builds-up over time, they clog the showerheads and faucets, reducing the water pressure. Cleaning out the showerheads and faucet heads can alleviate the water pressure and fix the problem.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are always a nightmare as they can cause serious health issues due to unhygienic condition and even cause subsequent damage to the structural integrity of your house. The impact of the leaking pipes initially starts off with minor structural damage which later becomes a catastrophic failure resulting in huge flooding. Improperly fitted joints of pipes are usually the most common cause, particularly the PVC ones. PVC joint fitting is a tricky art. Only the expert professionals mastered in fitting the joints with perfection can prevent the leakage. Joints that aren’t cleaned and sealed properly fail under water pressure leading to subsequent damages. In addition, even corrosion in the pipes can be a reason behind the leak.
Why is it a concern?
Ø  Water leaks from improperly joined pipes that are embedded to the slab foundation can cause wrapping of the flooring, wet spots and discoloration. It can even cause seepage from the foundation base of your house.
Ø  A similar internal flooding and catastrophic failure can occur from the water pipes that run through the walls of your house. These leaks results in the formation of hot spots, wet spots and discoloration leading to visible structural damage to the walls.
How to fix this issue?
The first step in fixing leaky pipes is to trace the roots of the leak.
Ø  Fixing The Leak At The Joint
For fixing the leak using epoxy you first need to shut off the water and clean dry the damaged pipe joint. Using a putty knife or gloved fingers, force epoxy at the joints of the pipes. Go through the instructions for the cure time and make sure not to turn on the water for the cure time and let the epoxy fix appropriately.
Ø  Between Pipes

In case of pinhole leaks, you can make use of duct tape to wrap the pipe as a temporary fix. For a permanent solution, make use of a pipe clamp. For this you need to place the rubber gasket on the damaged area and firmly tighten the clamp over the gasket and pipe to hinder the leak. In case of larger leaks, you must remove the damaged section and replace the section with a brand new piece of pipe of the same measurement as the removed one.

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